Airtime is wrong for a few shows

All the shows are from Japan and I believe they do have TMDB country and IDs set up correctly. In addition, the airtime on seems correct for all of them but one.

To avoid further conversion, I adjusted the timezone on my phone to Japan Standard Time

D4DJ: First Mix (/shows/d4dj-first-mix/)
It is supposed to be Fri 23:00 but on SeriesGuide it is Fri 01:00

Is the Order a Rabbit? (/shows/is-the-order-a-rabbit)
It is supposed to be Sat 21:30 but on SeriesGuide it is Sat 15:30

The Gymnastics Samurai (/shows/the-gymnastics-samurai)
It is supposed to be Sun 01:30 but on SeriesGuide it is Sun 19:30

Adachi and Shimamura (/shows/adachi-and-shimamura)
This show just does not have an airtime on both trakt and SeriesGuide, can I assume it is a problem on trakt’s side?

As you can see, the difference between the expectation and the actual value is kind of all over the places

Thanks. This sound related to Incorrect air time. TL;DR: be patient, should fix itself when the shows are updated next.