App completely dead

For at least 5 days now the app has been dead for me.

  • No images are loaded. Nothing in shows, movies and lists
  • Search is not working at all, no movies found, no shows found
  • Error message under “add show”: Could no talk to TMDb. Try again later.
  • Manual sync also does not work.

Last time it worked fine was Friday 26.03. I’m now on latest beta but it still doesn’t work …

Can you access using your internet service provider? It is known that in some countries their site and API (which SeriesGuide uses) is blocked, e.g. see TMDb sync, show discover screen and movie section may be broken in India

Yes, I have no problems accessing that site …

Weird, but it seems to have fixed itself today …

Good day . I had the same problem, nothing worked in the program, only turning on vpn helped, I solved it like this: I found the “dns server” in the router settings and added , for and seriesguide restored 100% performance .

Welcome and thanks for sharing! If changing your DNS helps this means that your internet service provider (ISP) has a DNS block on these sites. Just as I suggested above.