Automatic TMDb migration does not work!?

yesterday SeriesGuide on my Android devices was updated to v58.1.
Now I get for each show the red message “Not found on TMDb, will be removed in a future update. Tap for details”.
As far as I understand, this should happen only for shows which are not available in TVDb yet. However, I verified this for several shows, and they are all available in TVDb. If I remove a show and add it again, the red message disappears and the wtached history is still there.
Is this normal? Will all my shows be migrated automatically later, or is something wrong here?
Thanks and best regards

You have to check them on

Thanks,. Yes, I did that. All shows (except of 2) are listed there.
I found a workaround now: I wiped all data from the app and synchronized from scratch with the SeriesGuide Cloud. Now everything seems to be fine again. Only 2 shows are missing, I hope I can add them again soon.

Shows are migrated once they are updated again. This happens every few days if you do not view them, or within 24 hours if you view a show within the app.

Also see TMDb Migration Issues and Questions right at the top.