Beta 47-3 Show List Filter - Refresh Issue

I’m using the newest Beta 47-3 on my Pixel 3 XL and noticed a screen-redraw issue after selecting multiple filters.

Issue: Shows are redrawn while selecting filters, but doesn’t redraw to show the top row in multi-column view.

Device: Pixel 3 XL, landscape orientation


In my default view, screen capture 1, I have only one filter [-] Hidden.

I’m at the top row of the list of Shows and select Filter and toggle 3 items: [+] Continuing, [+] Unwatched, [+] Upcoming. As I touch each filter option, the screen refreshes to redraw the shows meeting the criteria. Screen capture 2 is from when I tapped the 3rd filter item, and note that “All American (2018)” is shown as the top row as a result of these filters.

After I close the filter view by tapping away, I find that I can scroll up to see that “All American” is not the first show in the results. Instead, as shown in screen capture 3, I find that “A Million Little Things” is really at the top of the list, but I have to scroll to see it.

Sort settings: In my setup Shows are sorted by TITLE and I don’t have “Ignore Articles” selected.

Hopefully I explained this well. Any questions, please let me know.

Capture 1:

Capture 2:

Capture 3:

Thanks for reporting.

Two things: this uses the standard RecyclerView component which tries to preserve scroll position to the best of its ability. This will mean depending on how your filters change some shows will move above the currently displayed ones. Short of hard-wiring to always scroll to the top this is something we have to live with.

As for the sort order: space " " comes before any letter, here “A …” before “A.” and “Al…”.