According to this pull request on GitHub, The current DrawerLayout is replaced by a BottomNavigation. I’m no expert on UI or UX but on reading the Docs on BottomNavigation here,
especially elements like:

  • Bottom navigation shouldn’t be used for user preferences or settings,
  • Combining bottom navigation and tabs may cause confusion

I personally feel this change may affect the usability(Am I using it right?) of the app.Can the developer and members of the community express their opinion on this?

Admin may remove post if they feel this post as “stepping on developer’s toes”

Welcome. Short answer: everybody (even Google) is doing it, it’s just easier to use.

Out now. 54-beta2 switches to bottom navigation

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I find this new bottom navigation simply perfect!!! Good looking, practical and the 5 most needed shortcuts are there. Nice work?

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