Broken app and no feedback from dev

App is not communicating with the source, mailing the dev gives an out of office… Thousands of people pay for this you can not just leave things like this.

If you take our money provide service, if you want time off hire replacement.

I put this on redit and some more places this is ridiculous.

It’s hardly the fault of the Dev if they go away on vacation then a 3rd party has issues that have a knock on effect with their app. TheTVdb are notorious for cocking things up so throw your salt at them.

Be more reasonable, this isn’t a Google or Apple application with a whole workforce behind it, nor is it life critical to anyone. So what if you can’t use your TV app, get a life and do something else.

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I will remove my posts as long as I understand decent feedback is not going to happen.

Thanks for reporting. Thanks for trying to explain what’s wrong. Also added a pinned post about this.

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