BUG - Can't mark a show as viewed

I am running Series Guide v49 (all features unlocked) on a Google Pixel 3, with Trakt integration.

There is a show (Prison Break), that even if all episodes are marked as watch, keeps on appearing in the “recent” list, as not watched.

I tried different ways to mark it watched (from the show, season by season, episode by episode), and if at first it disappears from the list, whenever the app syncs (either automatically, either manually), all the episodes come back as not watched and it pops up again in the recent list.

Curiously enough, if I check on Trakt side accessing on the website, the show’s episodes are marked as watched.

How could I possibly fix this? (remove the show is not an answer :slight_smile: )



This sounds like the cache of the trakt server responses does not expire correctly. This should resolve itself after about 24 hours.

You can also try clearing the cache for SeriesGuide and force stopping it (see Settings > Apps > SeriesGuide on your device).

Update: there was an issue recently because Prison Break was removed from thetvdb.com (SeriesGuide’s data source). Another user reported success by removing Prison Break from SeriesGuide, adding it again and marking episodes as watched.

I did try clearing the cache as a solution but that was not working.
Last thing instead worked! Thanks @uwe :slight_smile:

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