Cannot connect with trakt

(Reeshav Thakur) #1

Hey, I uninstalled the app few days ago now I reinstall it and I am not able to sync

with trakt. I am a pro user.

(Uwe Trottmann) #2

Looks like the TMDb sync step has some issues. Though syncing with trakt should continue to work.

The TMDb sync step just updates movie info.

This issue should resolve itself in a few hours.

(Uwe Trottmann) #3

Update: looks like you might be affected by a block on TMDb in India.

See Using the movie section may be broken in India


I have exactly the same issue, but i am a german user. Updated today to latest version. But still sync error from TMdb. Can this be fixed?

(Uwe Trottmann) #5

SeriesGuide should still sync with trakt, only the TMDb sync step fails (responsible for updating movie details).

Did you try a mobile connection (or a WLAN if you are on one)?


I am using a normal Wifi Connection on Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab connected to german Provider Netcologne via usual FritzBox

(Uwe Trottmann) #7

OK, it might be possible that the TMDB sync step indicates as failed if one of your movies has been removed from TMDB. Will have a look to not show an error then.

(Uwe Trottmann) #8

OK, so the TMDB sync step will not fail if a movie has been removed on TMDB. It will only fail if talking to TMDB failed or the device has lost its network connection.

I guess keep trying.

(Uwe Trottmann) #9

Looking at the logs there are quite a few certificate verification errors. This indicates that either TMDB has some certificates set up incorrectly or that your connection to TMDB is being manipulated.

Check if you are behind a proxy, use a VPN, ad blocker or similar technology.

(Vamshi Adi) #10

I just had a chat with customer department of my ISP, it turns out Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has placed a block on this and all ISP’s are complying to it.

(Uwe Trottmann) #11

Thanks for the info!

Details at Show discover screen and movie section may be broken in India