Can't add new TV shows

(Joaquin Barrera) #1

Since a couple of weeks I can’t add new TV shows, I always get a message “Can’t connect to TheTVDB”

(Uwe Trottmann) #2

Is this still an issue? I’m not aware of any outages at

Did you try on another network (WiFi, mobile data, etc.)? If you use a VPN, proxy or ad blocker, try to turn them off.

edit: OK, got a few reports via email over the last few days (I was on holiday). Pushing an update today or tomorrow which might resolve those issues.

(Joaquin Barrera) #3

Ok thank you! It seems that the ad blocker might be the problem. I turned it off and all go back at it should be. Nonetheless I’m still having some sync issues. (screenshot attached)

Thanks again for your time!