Can't add or remove favorites

Nothing happens when clicking the star. Both when trying to remove or add new shows to favourites

I am having this same issue, and also cannot hide or un-hide any series. This just started today, so I am guessing it is an issue related to the most recent update?

Summary of issues:
Clicking add to/remove from favorites in the context menu does nothing.
Clicking the star on a series to add/remove as a favorite does nothing.
Clicking hide/un-hide in the context menu does nothing.

Welcome and thanks for reporting! Are you signed in to SeriesGuide Cloud? It looks like the Cloud component exceeded some quota. The quota has reset and it should be working fine now (it does for me).

Edit: turns out the Cloud component reached a budget limit as SeriesGuide 50.1 rolled out which triggered a full data merge with Cloud for all users. I increased the budget limit, so this should no longer happen.

Edit2: also turns out Gmail on Android has a bug so it did not notify me about any of the warning emails (or any others). :disappointed:

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