Can't delete shows

My list of shows in the app is really huge. I decided I would like to shrink the list of shows I have. I am only syncing to the Series Guide Cloud.

When I remove the shows from my list (I must have done over 100 old shows) after an hour or so, they showed back in the list.

I use my phone and a tablet, it doesn’t matter which one I remove the show from first, or even if I remove the show from both devices, they keep coming back.

I tried deleting a couple shows, then I perform a manual Sync. Still, the shows keep coming back.

I reset the app completely on my device and did a full sync again, All the deleted shows come right back.

I am using Android devices, Software on the devices and the app are totally up to day. (There was even an update today)

Please help me shrink my list. I don’t need to see old series anymore or cancelled ones.


Hello! A drastic solution is to sign out from all devices except one. Then on that last device instead of signing out remove your account. Then remove any shows you no longer want to sync, then sign in to Cloud (which will create a new account).

I have signed out of all my devices now except for my last device.

When you say instead of signing out, remove your account, does that mean hit the DELETE ACCOUNT at the bottom of the Series Guide Cloud page?

Then, I delete all the shows I don’t want anymore, and then sign in and create a new account with the same email address which I used before?

I am just worried a bit to do this.

Also, once this is completed, this should now allow me to delete shows in the future as I decide not to keep some right?

I went to delete my account, I got a message saying my account can’t be deleted.