Can't find show

I’ve been trying to find Master Chef (the US one) and no matter how I type it,
Master Chef/MasterChef/master chef/masterchef
I can not find it. TIA for any help.

Welcome! Do you mean MasterChef (TV Series 2010- ) — The Movie Database (TMDb)? Then just searching for MasterChef with language set to English works for me.

Edit: After some digging around, I discovered how to share a show from tmbb over to Series Guide. Thank you for the response though, appreciate it very much.

Yes, the current season is #11, MasterChef Legends. I just found it on the page you linked to in your comment. Still learning the ropes of that one, how to mark episodes watched etc. Why does it not show up here though? It’s getting frustrating having to have multiple accounts to multiple apps/pages just to keep track of TV shows. I’ve tried TV Tyme, Series Fad, Futon Critic and now Series Guide and each one can’t keep list of shows let alone episodes current. We stream our tv so really no one universal guide to help keep track of what comes on what day/time etc etc etc.