Compansation for broken app

Question for the dev.

How are paying user be compensate for not having a working app?

It’s not our (paying users) fault SeriesGuide is having problems with api stuff… I was also told seriesguide is happy to use the broken api but don’t contribute to the source…

So for all paying customers, when will seriesguide work again and how will we be compensate for the time we can not use the app the way it is advertised?

So you say it’s not the paying users’ fault, and recognize there’s an API in play that is problematic. That says you have some awareness of what’s going on. Yet you blame Uwe Trottman for this problem, when the API is not Uwe’s but is from TVDB, and it’s TVDB that is having the problem.

Or are you blaming him for being on holiday and occasionally taking time away from SeriesGuide?

And BTW, I’m a paying customer. Things happen. I don’t blame the dev, and it’s not the end of the world.

Get over yourself.


You explicitly mentioned other paying customers, and I’m one of them, so why are you unhappy that I replied? Oh, because I disagree with your unreasonable demand for compensation.

Go back and read the PlayStore description for SeriesGuide and it’s clear that this app relies on a third party to function:

This app uses data and images by TheTVDB licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.
This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.
This app uses data and images by trakt.

You think my response somehow gives the app a bad name, when it’s you bashing and blaming the developer for the actions of a third party (TVDB) that is in fact giving the app a bad name.

And I’ll say it again: I am a paying customer and a fan of the app, and I disagree that the dev needs to compensate paying customers. You opened that door for paying customers to weigh in, and you don’t speak for all of us. I recognize I don’t either, but now you know at least one person disagrees with you.

Please enjoy the balance of your day-part where ever you reside.


I’m not the dev, but given the fact that this an open forum I don’t have to abide by your rules.
Only by the forum’s.

TheTVDB will eventually fix their API.
True, it is not your fault, but I fail to see how it’s otherwise.
No users were blamed.

I know you paid, you’ve made it evident.
Thanks for making that abundantly clear.

You’re not speaking on behalf of paying customers.
You’re speaking for yourself.

I do have a hypothetical question.
Let’s say in the future SeriesGuide becomes a thing of the past, are you going to ask for refund if that were the case?

Also, it doesn’t really matter to me whether you care or not about what I think.
I know I said I don’t have to abide by your rules, but I didn’t reply to the questions you had for the dev.
Therefore I can reply without being the dev.

Cheers mate


Just my $0.02… perhaps sending your opinion in a private message to the dev is more appropriate than kicking up dust in a public forum. As mentioned above, you do not represent all paying customers.


It’s all nice and really supportive to the dev.

But I don’t see why problems with a third party would be something the end user should accept.

If you publish and sell an app you are responsible for the performance of that app, if you use data or other content from a third-party you have to be sure that will work. When for what reason the app does not work like it was sold the dev is responsible, not anyone else.

Special in the EU, consumer law is pretty clear. Putting the problem at a third party is simply not acceptable.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not blame the dev, but I just point out facts.

But maybe it’s a call to make the app less depending on the api, storing the artwork on the device would have looked a lot better. Built in a option to trigger a refresh and you never have to be without artwork…

And it might help if you depend on a source you contribute a part of your profit to them, it will help a lot if you need them like now… They are now not running the help…

First of all: I understand your anger. But there is no reason to get personal. Hence I took some moderation actions on the above conversation/users (edit: updated, I’m new to Discourse, sorry).

To answer the question: to be clear, the app is free to use without ads or tracking. I do not provide any uptime guarantees (SLA).

If you choose to pay, you are paying for the Cloud backup/sync, access to some convenience features and at the end of the day help me pay the bills so I can justify working part-time on the app. Again, an SLA is also not part of a purchase/subscription.

Anyhow, back to enjoying what we all love: watching TV shows and movies!