Constant crash I can't resolve

I’ve been having the app crash regularly on me for almost a year now, and it’s been keeping me from enjoying the app as much as I used to. It’s a very generic error on my android that just says “Unfortunately, SeriesGuide has stopped. Open app again” with no debug log I can find. The app works briefly and the crash happens whenever I add a new show, or scrolling through upcoming list, and some other places randomly.
I’ve tried disconnecting/reconnecting my Trakt account, backing up to Cloud then clearing app data/cache and restoring back from cloud, uninstall/reinstall app, and looking for fixes in my account on website searching for anything corrupt, and the crash still happens. I’m sure if I reset my trakt history and watch list it would fix it, but I have so much saved there I don’t want to lose it. I wish I could track down the specific error better to help diagnose, but there’s nothing I can find. It’s been working with Hobi without problems, but I like yours much better if I can get it reliable again. Any ideas or suggestions to fix it? Thanks.

Welcome and thanks for reporting! I assume you have been using SeriesGuide version 52? The update rolling out now (version 53) fixes some crashes. Let me know if you continue to observe the crashes then, possibly including your device model and the version of Android it runs (see Settings > About phone).

The problem persisted through multiple updates, currently running 53-beta on Android 8. To add more details, it starts fine, but with past versions it could stop immediately on run. It populates my 100+ shows but the spinning process indicator loads for minutes endlessly refreshing. I’ll press add show then press + on say Picard, and then it crashes. It’s linked to Trakt, not Series Guide Cloud, although I have tried linking to Cloud in the past and it was still crashing randomly, even after a full backup, wipe, uninstall, reinstall, test with no crashes, restore backup, link account, and it looked good for a moment, then crashing problem was back… Sometimes it stops without me pressing a button, just scrolling. Any suggestions? Wish I could see an error log to help.

The only crash I could find is for 53-beta2 for a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0 on Mar 12, 2020, 2:00:00 AM.

The error message indicates that device storage is full (only 1 MB remaining).