Crashes on Open

Release 49
I noticed the tvdb issue the other day and I closed the app. Upon opening again it crashes and will not start. I sent in the crash feedback.

I am unsure if I uninstall it will I lose all my data from the last backup? Which the last backup was a while ago. Any suggestions?

Thanks for reporting. Could you share what device model you have and what version of Android it is using? Also the approximate time the crash occurred. Otherwise it’s hard to dig up the relevant crash report and figure out how to help you.

If you uninstall all data will be removed. You can check the age of the backup files by looking at their last modified date. Also make sure there is actually something in them.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Model: SM-T580
Android 8.1.0

Hope it is ok, but I submitted another crash log at the time of this post.

My backup is old.
I will wait to see if/when an update is released to hopefully update and it starts working.

OK, I found an issue affecting Galaxy Tab A (2016) (gtaxlwifi) and only one user. Reports from 2019-08-03 through today 2019-08-07.

The error is java.lang.NoSuchMethodError when trying to call However this method should be available since Android 4.4.

Looking at the crash trace there is a possibility that this is caused by the WorkManager component that SeriesGuide uses.

If you are up to it, try to join the beta program. The latest beta does no longer use this component, which hopefully should avoid this crash.

You can leave the beta program immediately after installing the latest beta so the next updates you get will again be stable versions.

Installing the beta release corrected my issue. Thank you so much. The other good part was that I had auto backup turned on!

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