Customized extensions not appearing

I’ve installed SeriesGuide and added some shows, but when I customize extensions (adding Cyberflix and Cinema HD) I don’t get any option to watch anything using these extensions.
Can anyone help? Long time streamer, but 1st time SeriesGuide user. I’m using a Galaxy s8.

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@Simon_Kerley @uwe
I have the same problems. Did you find a way to fix it or did it just work again later? I added the Cyberflix extension and was using it fine last night but today it doesn’t appear below the episode to choose it :thinking:

I just restarted my phone and TV again and it’s appearing again now. Thanks though!

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Hello! I’d love to help, but only the extension developer could know why it’s not showing up. Seems more likely the extension has bugs to work out given that @Nicola_C could get it working by restarting the device.

Thanks anyway, Uwe. I get the same problem everyday but a restart has always resolved it so far. Once I’ve then watched an episode the Cyberflix link remains there until the next day when I have to restart my phone again.

Strange but it’s a quick work around :laughing: