Disable horizontal scrolling animation (per user setting?)

Is it possible to add a setting to disable scrolling animation when moving between tabs in the app (ex: any List tab, and in the main tabs: Shows, History, Upcoming, and Recent tabs)?

I use SeriesGuide full-screen on my Pixelbook, a Chrome OS laptop, and I literally get nauseous when I tap between tabs because of the on-screen motion. It’s also much (MUCH) slower than in previous releases, where tapping a tab simply displayed the content.

I did a screen recording so you can see what I see - see link below to Google Photos. (Click the image to PLAY the video.)

I really just do not like this scrolling animation. I have to close my eyes when I swap tabs now, and really hope you can add an option to disable animation when scrolling horizontally.

Or if there’s a setting I missed that will accomplish this, please let me know. Note: I’m on Series Guide (beta) v62-beta3 (Database v49).

Appreciate feedback on this.

Thanks for reporting. This is probably due to how this updated component from Google works now (it scrolls through all tabs instead of just the source and target one). I guess I’ll add a reduce animations setting that instead of smooth scrolling will just switch to the tab when clicking the tab.

Thank you - that’s fantastic!!! :slightly_smiling_face: