Display air time for each episode

Since Trakt has the air times for individual episodes, it would be nice to have them displayed in the app as well instead of just the air time of the most recent episode.

Especially, when you’re watching multiple shows of the same universe (e.g. the Arrowverse) which sometimes air on the same day and can have have varying air times between seasons or even between episodes of the same series.

I’m a little confused. Are you talking about release times or about episode runtime (e.g. length)?

If runtime, note that this data is loaded from TMDB, not Trakt. Which does not have episode-level runtimes.

Since a few months, TMDB added episode-level runtimes (an example: first season of Breaking Bad, take a look on the right, just below the release date) and it is available on the episode’s json too. I second @dxniel’s request, is it possible to implement it?

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@gerafa Thanks for the info! Just confirmed. So yes, that may be an option for a future release then!