Everytime the app syncs/updates all my lists get messed up

Since today I got this bug that every time the app updates my shows (is it updating my shows when the circle appears in the top left?) all my lists get messed up. Shows I watched years ago and set to hide appear in every list, all the shows I’m currently watching are at a completely different episode than I last watched and the order of my lists are completely changed.
The list problem is gone if I reset everything to the last automatic backup (a few hours ago when everything was still normal). But then all the shows outside of my lists appear as if I never watched an episode, either as “will be continued” or “ended”, even though it shows that I watched episodes if I tap on the show and look in the episodes tab.

I don’t know if this “bug” is known, so I thought I create a topic, maybe I’m not the only one with this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome! Is this possibly related to TMDb Migration Issues and Questions ?

I really can’t tell, but it doesn’t look like it. The migration worked fine a few days ago. Seems to me it’s more a problem with my lists and my progress on shows and not TMDB related. Maybe a cloud/backup problem of some sort (I’m using my Google Account as Cloud acc)?
I played around a bit yesterday after making my post and it seems it’s only shows I’ve hidden that appear at a random episode in probably the list I last had the show in before I hid it. The problem completely disappeared, even after an automatic sync, after I manually sorted my lists and all the shows in them again. But as soon as I manually sync the same thing happens again. And if I then reset it with an automated backup all the shows in my lists are fine, but everything in my overview appears as if I watched every episode. I should’ve made a screenshot to clarify, sorry, but it seems I’m not that smart ;).

To summarize (as best as I can): The problem in my OP only occurs if I manually sync all my shows. It completely disappears if I manually sort everything back to how I want it. But if I instead reset everything via automatic backup it happens again after an automatic sync with every show appearing in the overview as if I watched every episode of every show and all my lists are out of order. It’s not really an app breaking problem for me, I don’t really manually sync/updat my shows anyway, so it’s really just to let you know something like this happened at my end.

I have an application on my phone and a TV set-top box , since trakt is enabled on the phone , it is impossible to use the seriesguide cloud , I use physical transfer of backups . After each transfer , some episodes lost the ‘viewed’ mark . After your post , I repeated all my actions. Backups work perfectly , but the update / synchronization of the database brings confusion to the ranks of episodes .

This happens to be a lot in this app. When there is an update to it, it brings back episodes I’ve already marked as watched or seen and I need to mark them as seen or watched again. This time around I don’t know if it’s because of the migration or not.

Well, seems like Seriesguide Cloud is responsible when it comes to my problem.
I just got a popup saying I was logged out of my cloud account, signed back in and now seemingly all the shows I’ve ever had in a list are back in it (at least the ones I’ve hidden), regardless of if it was years ago or if I just deleted it from the list yesterday. Thankfully I noticed it quickly and could log out again before I’d need to delete all of them from my lists again.

Edit: It’s not only hidden shows, but deleted ones as well.
Edit2: Seems like it just reset all my shows I’ve deleted or watched up to a prior date some months or longer ago. But the ones I’ve added since then are still there and untouched.

Sounds like the same problem I am having here: "Zombie" shows reappearing after deletion