Font too small on tablet

Since last update everything - fonts and pictures - is too small to read (on my tablet).

Welcome and thanks for reporting. Could you share a screenshot? The last update (SeriesGuide 51) should not have changed anything regarding font sizes.

Here is a screenshot.


Everything looks as expected. What font in particular are you talking about?

Here a screenshot from the former version. As you can see there IS a difference :wink:

Hm, the clock font top right is also larger. So I suggest looking at your device’s settings (likely under “Display”) if the font size was changed.

Update: I verified on my device that changing the font size still works. So this likely is an issue with your device (e.g. settings or issue, maybe check for software updates or reboot?).

I also have this issue. After 51 update fonts are too small on my tablet.
And it’s not an issue with tablet’s settings because I have not changed them for months.
Also I do not understand about what font settings you’re talking. Because I can only choose larger font in widget not in the app