Here is Kitkat backport of new show list filter

I made a quick backport of a couple features from v47 into kitkat.

  • :star2: New show list filters that can be set to include (+), exclude (-) or disabled.
  • :star2: Added filter for continuing shows (exclude to display ended shows).
  • :memo: Show list filter settings are set back to defaults.
  • :wrench: Upcoming range setting moved to button next to upcoming filter.
  • :wrench: Show list filter view scrolls if screen is not tall enough.
  • :wrench: Combine show filter and sort options into single view. Stays visible until tap outside or back button press.
  • :wrench: Show list: replace favorite button with set watched button. Display an indicator if a show is a favorite instead.
  • :wrench: Tablets: move add show button on discover screen to top right to match placement of primary action in other places.
  • :wrench: Discover: remove trakt recommendations. They were never useful. Send in feedback if they are for you!

That’s where you can find the source code for your compiling joy.

I’ve very much an android newbie. I haven’t figured out how to set the width of the show filter dialog to be more narrow on my KK tablet. And the background color ignores the theme. This is primarily just for my personal use, but I’m putting it out here if anyone else finds it helpful.

But the new filtering works in old kitkat land now.

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Updated to include latest fix in the 46.4-k master-k branch.

Reduced width of Show Filter UI.