History improvement proposal

Good afternoon . There is a “story” in the app. It displays actions with trakt.tv. If you click viewed in history, then there will be no synchronization of the seriesguide with trakt.tv, but further desynchronization (in seriesguide 1 view, and on trakt.tv 2 views). I propose to add the transfer tool from history to the seriesguide base, I do not duplicate it in trakt.tv. Or , a single press viewed works for both seriesguide and trakt.tv, while a long press only works for seriesguide.
I’m not sure that I have laid out my thoughts correctly, but I tried.

This sound like a bug to me. Watched counts should sync from Trakt to SeriesGuide. And a watch in SeriesGuide should show up in Trakt history.

Maybe there is an issue with your account? Have you tried to disconnect and connect Trakt again?

Good afternoon . Since You say that there is two-way synchronization in seriesguide , then there may be a problem on my part , but re-login did not help .

There is two-way sync if only Trakt is connected. Maybe you also signed into SeriesGuide Cloud?