History Tab Not Updating

My history tab no longer updates after marking episodes as watched. Refreshing the page doesn’t fix it either.

Is your SeriesGuide connected to Trakt? It’s possible it may take a few hours for Trakt to update your watch history (which is loaded directly from Trakt if it’s connected).

Yes, it’s connected. The history tab hasn’t updated since November 14.

OK, what version of SeriesGuide is installed on your device? And what device are you using?

Something that may help: in your device Settings under Apps, look for SeriesGuide. Then in the storage section try to clear the cache.

I’m on V61, database V49. I’m using a Pixel 6.
Clearing the cache did not resolve the issue.

Totally forgot about this: can you try to disconnect and connect Trakt again and see if there is an error about your account being locked? If that’s the case, please contact Trakt support (https://support.trakt.tv/).

That solved it. Thanks!

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