How the movies are synced

I never used the movie features in the app before but want to try it. I’m just not sure how it sync with other services. E.g. where can I get those tracked movies without the app?

The SeriesGuide app is only used to track TV shows and movies you’ve watched or want to watch, it’s up to you to find the sources for those TV shows and movies, for example, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Vudu, Google Play Movies, etc.

However, the app does have a plugin that links to the web site where it shows where movies are available to stream, such as on the above services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) See this page for a starter on Extensions (plugins):

Hmm maybe I was not clear. I want to understand if the watched movies are sync’ed with any other website, so that if I don’t use SeriesGuide anymore in the future my watch history is still available somewhere.

With TV shows it’s sync’ed with and there are many other TV show tracking apps integrated with How about movies in SeriesGuide?

Movies are also tracked and synced on if you connect seriesguide with Trakt.

Great, thanks Stefan for confirming!

You can also read more details at

But yes, SeriesGuide syncs movies to your trakt watchlist and collection. On the website, after signing in, look in the top right for your profile menu to get to those pages.