how to schedule re-assisted?

good night, how do i book series or movies watched more than a month?

Hello! I don’t really understand. Can you explain in more detail?

watched a series or movie, and scored on the app. but I watched it again and I want to mark that I watched 1, 2,3 … times an episode or movie. how do I do? Forgiveness for mistakes, but I use a translator to talk.

Hi, just press the watched-Button again.

sorry, but I can’t identify

Open Details for Movie and you will see the Movie watched twice, there will appear a 2.

thank you, I’m ashamed now, so simple.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It would be nice to be able to schedule full seasons as well. There are series that I’ve watched 3 times and making an individual episode for those who acquired SeriesGuide is now uncomfortable. This individual method is good for favorite episodes :thinking::grin:

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