Images are not loading and the movies have no info about them

Hello, I have been using SeriesGuide for about 3 years and I love it. Recently I started to develop a few problems.

My first problem is that, images are not loading for some movies. When I open SG (SeriesGuide) and go to watchlist, a lot of movies are showed without images. I have to enter the movie in order for it to load but next time I enter the app they disappear again.

Speaking of movies, some movies have no info about them or anything, just the title name.

Welcome! It’s possible that some of those movies were removed from You can check, when viewing a movie, by tapping the link item in the top right and then TMDb.

As for images: the tips at can help you check if your device is set up to properly update movies (e.g. if the poster changes).

So what happenes when they are removed? Will they be added back?

Typically not, e.g. if it didn’t match the right criteria (e.g. made for TV episodic movies are often removed as they do not belong in the movies section on TMDB).