Improve spoiler tags

Hello, I see the app hides the spoilers in the episode comments section if the whole comment is tagged as spoiler. Please is it possible to hide also parts of the messages?
For example, this screenshot is from the second episode of Breaking Bad. The upper comment is correctly hidden (I tapped it and it became visible), while the second one has a [spoiler] tag but is completely visible. My request it to extend the “tap-to-reveal” also to fractions of comments.

Thanks, it looks like Trakt may have changed things here. Not sure if SeriesGuide will ever support this, though. Maybe it’s easily possible to hide the full comment if a spoiler tag is found.

It also looks like Trakt is using some kind of Markdown for comments formatting, I noticed the app displays (examples may contain spoilers about Barry S02 and Better Call Saul S05):

  • > instead of a quote block (example)
  • ~~text~~ instead of strikethrough (example)
  • *text* instead of italic (example)
  • &lt; instead of < (example)
  • &amp; instead of & (example)
  • _text_ instead of italic (example)
  • **text** instead of bold (example)