Incorrect air time

Hey Uwe,

I have a couple of shows that are the incorrect air time. It just so happens that it will break and fix itself over time. I followed the help guide and made sure the country of origin was correct on Tmdb as well as the air time on TvDb is correct. I sync and update over and over but the time continues to be off.

The two shows are:

Married at First Sight


Love After Lockup

Is my sync failing? Or might there be a bigger issue?

As I am typing I see the TvDb connection has failed. Is there a current API or sync problem?

Rob, welcome! And thanks for the details. However you left out some important details :smile: : what are the times that you expect and what does SeriesGuide actually display?

And to help troubleshoot: what time zone is your device set to and what device are you using?

Whoops, sorry!

Married at First Sight should air at 8pm EST in Wednesday. SeriesGuide showed 1am Wednesday, but now it’s fixed itself somehow.

Love After Lockup airs Friday, 9pm EST. SeriesGuide shows it airing Friday, 5am.

My time zone is set to Eastern (New York) and I have a Google Pixel 3XL. I am on SeriesGuide beta version v56-beta2 (Database v48). I’ve already got debug turned on but can’t make sense of any of the logs. Just let me know if you want me to perform any functions and send logs.

Deleted comment. It fixed itself but way after the API was fixed.

Okay both shows are off again.

Love after lockup shows 10p. Should be 9p.

And Married at First Sight shows 3a, should be 8p.

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Do you have any ideas Uwe?

The time zone on Trakt seems correct (“America/New_York”) for both. On a test device set to United States, New York (GMT-04:00) Married at First Sight correctly shows Wed 08:00 PM. The other one seems off at Trakt, I have reported this to them:

Due to caching it may take up to days for the latest data to show up on your device.

Hey Uwe. I hate to be a pain, but I’m really trying to figure out if this is just me.

Can you take a look at this reddit link? I had a discussion with one of the Trakt devs.

I appreciate it!

I’m not sure what I am supposed to see there. No meaningful response that I can see?

What I took from that is that the API is returning the correct date and time, but that the app isn’t doing the translation properly. When the Trakt entry is correct, even on the webpage, where is the translation dropped? If the app isn’t registering the correct time, is the failure with Trakt, TvDB, or SeriesGuide? It seems to me that Trakt is being synced from TvDB also, but displays the correct times. Please let me know if my logic is incorrect.