Invalid release date

In application version 62 beta 2 , if a series has an unknown release date , the main page displays ‘release date 1.01.1970’ .


Can confirm have 2 shows on my list with the same issue that defaults to Unix epoch causing it to be at the top of all lists

Confirm the same mess here.

Really wish the sorting was left alone, or at least always keep an option for how it it was before.


Same Here - Beta Version

I have a ton of these lol

I also agree with the sorting. I love the option to see specials appear in my list when they aired, although any special that aired the same day as a regular episode should be listed after the episode instead of before, so that regular episodes take priority.

I think it would be better if there was just an option to enable or disable specials from showing, or an option to change the sorting between the old and new format, rather than forcing it this way.

Friend , that’s the problem , in the settings there is an item ‘do not display special season’ . Everyone who is not interested in special episodes was a tool , why it was necessary to do this for everyone is unclear . I have two important reasons for installing seriesguide : to be notified of new episodes and not to miss special episodes (for anime) . - 50% functionality .


Totally forgot that was a setting haha

I am facing the same issue. 4 of the shows in my list have now UNIX EPOCH date.

Thanks all for your feedback! The unix epoch date was a bug introduced with the next episode selection change.

But you pointed out Anime, which I totally forgot, when thinking about this change. I’ll revert this back to the previous behavior (choose next episode based on release date) with the next update. Thanks again for beta testing and providing feedback!


In version 62 beta3 everything was fixed !

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