Issue with sync for a specific serie

Dear all,

I am having issue marking “watched” a tv serie, Chef’s Table.
In particular, there are the last 4 episodes that are considered the 7th season for tvdb ( ) while it is considered a special on trakt ( )

What I see in SeriesGuide is the episodes from 1 to 4 of the 7th season, but if I mark watched I get a warning that it is not possible to mark as watched on trakt.

Do you have any idea on how to fix this?

Thank you in advance.


Any idea on how to fix it?
Thank you in advance

Yes, check it out on Trakt and seriesguide no longer use

You need to add season 7, that will solve the problem

Dear Kris, thank you for your reply.

in TMDB Chef’s Table has 6 seasons.
Season 7 does not exist and is considered an independent serie Chef’s Table: BBQ

In the app, it shows that I have to watch the 4 episodes of season 7

But if I search for Chef’s Table: BBQ the result is Chef’s Table:

So, how (or where) do I have to ass season 7?

I also tried to delete and re-add the series, but it marks as watched all the episodes up to series 6

Thanks in advance.


Check if your seriesguide version updated to version 58 this week. Check for updates in Google play if the update didn’t happen.

Remove chef’s table in seriesguide completely, and then add it again. That should solve it.

Chef’s table BBQ is a spin-off, data in is wrong

I was using version 57 even though I have auto/update enabled on Google Play Store.
I was able to upgrade only after joining the beta program…

Anyway, as you wrote, it is now fixed.

Thank you very much.