Jumping calendar on BlueStacks 4 and update show option

Will there ever be a fix for jumping calendar on BlueStacks 4. When scrolling down in upcoming and recent tabs makes the list start jumping and when you scroll up to the top it shows weeks, months and even a year old information and no way to see the current information.

Why can you only update show information on the shows tab (or in search) but not when you are on the show front page. Sometime you search for a show and go on the show front page only to find out the new season of it is not there so you want to check for updated information but because you searched for the show going back returns you to the top of the shows tab so you have to search again to find the show and select update there.

Thanks for reporting the jumping calendar issue. There was a similar issues on certain devices, but it appears to have been resolved. So not sure if this can be fixed in SeriesGuide.

To go back use the back navigation button at the bottom of your device (most often shaped like a triangle pointing to the left). The left arrow in the top left tries to go up in the hierarchy. That might not always be the same as returning back to the last screen.

The back key is not the issue I think. When I start the program and select recent or upcoming it usualy looks ok then you scroll down a little bit and the items (shows) start jumping around (and going further down it gets worse) and when you scroll back to the top for example on the recent tab the shows there are one or two weeks old and sometimes even a year old and you cant scroll more up.
In BlueStacks 4 the tabs show three columns and if you resize the screen only affects the size of the items. So you cant limit it to one column to see if it jumps around then.

And recently I feel like, when you are on the top of for excample recent tap it dosent update it, shows that are finished dont show up. ( but I have not tested it only have the feeling it does ).

Then it would be nice to be able to update the shows information from all the screens not just with the three dots before you select the show.

Hope you get some information from my rambling.

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