Language - sinopse movies/series


I would like you to add the language in the pt-pt and pt-br series, as only one of them appears, as for the films both appear, but we cannot distinguish because it has the same name.

tmdb has for both films and series. and from what I perceive in the films, he goes to tmdb, he just needs to update to be able to distinguish the two languages. as for the series he must be fetching the data from tvdb because they only recently added the languages, so I would advise you to switch to tmdb as they have more data in different languages.


Thanks for reporting, will be fixed with the next update.

As for series: TheTVDB does not differentiate by region, they only have “pt”. Hence SeriesGuide only displays it once.

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As for series: TheTVDB already differentiates between pt-pt and pt-br a few months ago.

But I still think that the best thing would be to go to TMDb, because it is getting better.


Hi @BlackSpirits do you speak Portuguese? Maybe you can help me with this bug I reported in the github.