Lists to support Full movies —not just Shows

I find Lists to be more useful for sorting my favourite movies instead of shows. Any chance of getting this feature soon?


I too think it would be very useful to be able to make lists of movies.

Yo también creo que sería muy útil poder hacer listas de películas.

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Ive literally just come here to see if i was missing something because one of the only things missing that would be a really useful add on if possible. I’ve found myself with a long list of movies that are of blockbuster quality, ant man, shazam, creed 3 and more of recent ones but I also have a number going back a year to watch…and they’re not ones you put off rather without a list I can update etc easily, I lose or forget them…it’s not a bad problem to have per se…but it keeps growing and also I can forget entirely…

I can’t imagine the functionality of the lists for the TV area requires much added or removed in code etc …

It’s hands down the best app for TV …and movies as a one off …

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Lists in the Movies section would be amazing!

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Would absolutely love.