Many shows reverted to old posters

A recent update check has caused many of my shows to suddenly revert to older versions of their posters. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to which shows although Arrow/Flash/Batwoman/Black Lightning/Supergirl are one group where they all changed.

Any idea what’s causing this? I sync my shows with Trakt.

It looks like the most favorited poster is finally returned for all shows since made an update 2019-12-18.

I only verified this with two shows that changed, but I hope it’s true for all.

Really!? I’d rather see the poster for the current season and for some shows seeing the cast from season 1 when they’re on season 11 just looks stupid when half of them have changed actors.

Can I choose the poster in any way like I can with Kodi?

Sorry, this is not possible. But you can favorite posters on