Multi Issues Lately

Hi. Lately, I have been searching for and downloading shows from the new Discovery+ app. (I want to make sure that I haven’t already watched something before setting it on my watch schedule.) I have noticed multiple issues over the past week or two.

First is that shows I know are on Trakt are not to be found. (I even previously downloaded some before.)

Second is that episodes are disappearing from the app that are still available on Trakt. Sometimes most of a season disappears. I end up going to Trakt to mark it as watched.

Third kinda goes with #2. It seems to happen when searching for certain documentaries/episodes. Sometimes I am literally looking at the episode and about to add it to a list to make sure to watch later, when it disappears. Never to be found again by search engine. (Thing is that I did find one episode by going directly to it instead of searching.)

Fourth is that when trying to add shows to my Trakt watch list from the search, some shows just refuse to be added. I have to actually download the show, go to Trakt, add to Watch List, and then delete the show once it’s there. (This feature is usually very helpful when I do this process for a new app.)

Fifth is that recent episodes are not being marked watched and/or previously watched episodes are being removed from my watched history from first the app and then later on from Trakt. (This one I really don’t get.)

There is probably a few more but this is what I can think of at the moment. Please don’t ask for the shows’ titles because I’ve been looking at hundreds of shows lately… Or at least it seems like it.

I am hopeful that everything can get back to normal soon. Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback! Trakt is in the process of moving to another data provider, Where the current version of SeriesGuide is using TheTVDB. With the next update SeriesGuide will switch to TMDB as well, then hopefully most issues with not matching episodes or shows should get resolved.

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Thank you for the update. I honestly did not realize that about Trakt. But then again, I mainly use it through your app. (I don’t think their website is very friendly to phone/tablet use. I usually find a desktop computer when I need to do a lot with it.)

Thank you again and know that I appreciate all that y’all do.

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I have a similar issue, and I think my SeriesGuide is using TMDB now, based on what I’m seeing, which is what’s causing a problem. For example, Whose Line is it Anyway and American Idol are two shows that went off the air for years and then came back on another network. Previously, TheTVDB and Trakt both counted these shows as the same show and I had been tracking them as additional seasons on the original show. Now, SeriesGuide and TMDB appear to count those revivals as new shows, while Trakt still does it the old way.

This means in order to keep using SeriesGuide for those shows I would have to add the new versions of those shows and re-mark everything as watched, and then un-mark all the newer seasons of the other listing on trakt.

Just be patient, conversions are still being made. Or you can contribute by helping on themoviedb. I’m adding Dutch series that aren’t present on themoviedb, but that are on thetvdb. If anyone knows a manual how this is best done, it would be nice to post a link here. But that’s not really a seriesguide problem.