New episodes added to thetvdb

Added new episodes to thetvdb this weekend. They don’t show up in seriesguide. I see they also don’t appear in trakt.

I noticed Thetvdb changed the way to add new episodes.

Any idea?

TheTVDB and SeriesGuide cache data, it may take a bit for new episodes to show up. They likely will never show up on Trakt as they have switched away from TheTVDB to TMDB.

So seriesguide keeps using thetvdb as source for series? Do I still add new episodes and series to thetvdb or should I use tmdb?

Thetvdb has added bulk adding of series, saw it for the first time this weekend (saturday or sunday). Used this to add 10 episodes of the show below.

Only the last episode (#4955) is added in seriesguide, everything from #4946 till #4954 exists on thetvdb but isn’t shown in seriesguide.

Show : : added 2 episodes the same way as above, but here none of the 2 series appear in seriesguide.

This show : : somebody else added 2 episodes, only the last one has been added to seriesguide.

Is this all due to cache problems?



Honestly, I won’t look into TVDB issues anymore. In a few weeks SeriesGuide won’t be using TVDB for data any longer.

No problem for me, thanks.