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since last update(?), most of my series don´t have a title, it´s just “Episode”.
Happens for:

Ein starkes Team
Soko Leipzig
The Rookie
The Endgame

Verrückt nach Meer works fine…
Any idea?

Phone of my wife shows same behaviour, with same series, so it´s reproduceable.
I tried to reload / sync several times, no change. the titles we.
re all visible before.



Same here. For example : Neighbours. Some seasons all episodes have name “Episode”, other seasons they have name “Season 35” for example.

Latest update series guide was end of may, v65.0.0.

Checked it on themoviedb and trakt, episode numbers are still shown there.

It’s happening to other series too, can’t see a pattern in it. May be a database connection problem.

Some titles are back. Others still gone.

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seems like it’s solved

Can’t find a series with problems anymore. Can you?

I still have, “Beneath the surface” has episode 7 instead of the name.


my series are ok now :slight_smile:
Any idea about the reson?


Maybe you can change the language of the show, and then change it back to the language you used before.

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No idea, Guess a problem with a database connection somewhere.


I thougt, the titles are stored locally in my APP? The APP seems to be useable without internet connection…


Data comes from is stored locally for the series you follow, and synced regularly when there’s an internet connection. Your watch progress is synced with and/or back-upped to Google.

Yes that usually works but it didn’t for this problem. This morning I didn’t have the episode titles but they are now ok. Weird glitch I guess.

@4tires how do you reply by mail? Can’t find that option.

What do you mean reply by mail?

Well, there are 3 messages from you in this thread, and I received your messages also in my mailbox. Did you receive my question in your mailbox, or did you read it on the website? I see there should be an option to reply by mail, a mail envelope icon, but I don’t find it.

The replies from Mais did I only read here, didn’t receive a mail about those.

I’ve received all your messages in my mailbox and clicked the “visit topic” link to reply here although it seems that replying in mail would also reply here.

Check your Preferences in your profile, there are settings for when you want an e-mail to be sent to you when someone replies.

I guess this affects translations other than English? As others have pointed out the data is provided by There is a known issue where sometimes the English instead of the actual translation is returned. I’m working on a fix from the side of SeriesGuide (transmitting the full language + region code vs. just the language code) that might fix this before TMDB can (they currently can’t pin point the issue). I’m busy with moving right now, so might take a few more days until the fix is at least available in the beta program.