Not syncing watched episodes with Trakt

I love SeriesGuide and use it daily… But lately I’ve be having issues. Whenever I mark an episode as watched on the app it is not syncing with Trait and adding it to my watched History. Even after 48 hours, its still not syncing.

I have to mark it as watched directly on the Trakt website which is a bit more inconvenient.

So far, I have restarted my tablet several times… I have cleared my cache… Disconnected & Reconnected Trakt… I’m at a lost at what to do next.

Please help.

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Ok. So I figured something out. I use SeriesGuide on two devices; my phone and my tablet. (Different shows/streaming services on each device.)

My phone is updating like it is supposed to. Unfortunately, my tablet is not. This used to not be the case.

For now, I am downloading the current show I’m watching to my phone and removing it from my tablet while watching before adding it back afterwards. It’s annoying, but it works.

I don’t know what happened to cause the change. But I’m still hoping that it goes back to normal soon.

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