Not syncing watched episodes with Trakt

I love SeriesGuide and use it daily… But lately I’ve be having issues. Whenever I mark an episode as watched on the app it is not syncing with Trait and adding it to my watched History. Even after 48 hours, its still not syncing.

I have to mark it as watched directly on the Trakt website which is a bit more inconvenient.

So far, I have restarted my tablet several times… I have cleared my cache… Disconnected & Reconnected Trakt… I’m at a lost at what to do next.

Please help.

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Ok. So I figured something out. I use SeriesGuide on two devices; my phone and my tablet. (Different shows/streaming services on each device.)

My phone is updating like it is supposed to. Unfortunately, my tablet is not. This used to not be the case.

For now, I am downloading the current show I’m watching to my phone and removing it from my tablet while watching before adding it back afterwards. It’s annoying, but it works.

I don’t know what happened to cause the change. But I’m still hoping that it goes back to normal soon.

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So it was fixed… For a couple of days. It’s now not working again. It is also not updating the shows I have downloaded. Another thing I have to remove and add the show back for.

It is really bad because I currently have just two shows on my phone and everything else on my tablet. I just don’t know what is going on…

After being fixed or a couple of days, it’s not connecting to Trakt once again.

No idea if Trakt had an outage (was on holiday), but do you maybe switch network connections and one of them has this issue?

First of all, I hope that you enjoyed your vacation. And that you are both safe and well. Sorry that you had to come back only to find mine and others issues.

In response to your post:

I did try that. I tried both WiFi and phone data… Multiple times. I tried just about everything I could think of. I think I even went as far as factory resetting my tablet. (Usually a step I take before asking for help. Tablet mainly used for SeriesGuide anyway.)

Currently, it seems to be up and working once again. It even updated changes I made on my phone… with a little help. This is one feature that had not been fixed the last few of times I thought it was back to normal.

But while this time it seems to be working better than the last few times it was ‘‘fixed’’. It is also the 3rd/4th time I thought so, but only to later find myself once again at the start.

I truly hope that I have no more issues.

Thank you for your time once again.

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A few hiccups, but it is now working better than ever. THANK YOU!