Older app to dpwnload

Hi, is there a way I can download the previous app so I can update one of my shows?

How do you mean? Updating shows happens in thetvdb (or themoviedb for upcoming version).

Welcome! I wouldn’t recommend it, but you can get all older versions at https://github.com/UweTrottmann/SeriesGuide/releases (Play Store version only).

Thanks. I mainly use it to keep track of neighbours it’s an Australian soap and the new site you use only has episodes until 2017

Let’s hope somebody starts to update neighbours. Myself, I’m adding a Dutch soap with 5000 episodes that existed on thetvdb. Current season is up-to-date. I hope somebody will in the future find a way to bulk import episodes from thetvdb, and export to tmdb. I guess this won’t be allowed by thetvdb.

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Note that the latest beta (58-beta6) will again keep episodes not found on TMDb (and instead mark them as not found). But you will have to restore a backup from before you updated to the first 58 beta release.

Damn, my oldest backup is from march 6, I think after beta 5. Should have made a backup before installing the first beta. Needed space on my tablet, so removed a lot. And cleaned out my Google drive and Dropbox storage a while ago too.

No problem, I’ll continue with what I have.

Yeah, also wanted to restore an old version from Google Drive. But it won’t let me download an old revision :frowning: