Problem Adding Extension Part 2 - App players issue

I’ve just upgraded my phone (Mi 8 Pro Android 8.1.0) and the extensions I’d added on my previous phone (Samsung Galaxy 6 Android 7) were no longer being added. I have the upgraded series guide app and I have it installed on my Samsung Tablet and an Android TV Box (Android 7) and there were no problems with these devices.

I’ve just assumed that SG hasn’t been updated to Android Version 8 as yet because I have auto update set on all three devices.

Could you please advise when this issue will be fixed?

Thanks for reporting!

I have it running fine on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 8.0.

And SeriesGuide is compatible with Android 8.0.

The latest (stable) version of SeriesGuide is 46.1.

Which extensions are affected? If they are not built into SeriesGuide talk to the developer of that extension to make it compatible with Android 8.0 and up (point them to

Thank you for getting back to me so fast.

Darn, so much for that theory about Android 8. Yes, I do have the latest version so it must be the Xiaomi firmware causing the issue. I know it has a problem with Google Assistant (I miss my “OK Google!”) and I’m currently installing a firmware update. Fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted!! If this update doesn’t fix the issue, I’ll report to the manufacturer.

The extensions effected (and only on the phone, other devices are fine) is CyberFlix TV and Cinema HD which are, as you probably already know, forks of Terrarium. Which brings me to another discussion.

The update worked! Both CyberFlix TV and Cinema HD are locked, loaded and streaming beautifully.

I’m an Admin for the CyberFlix TV developer’s official Facebook pages. Yes, the the original developer who found the kill switch in Terrarium after NitroXenon threatened all who didn’t uninstall. One thing which was an interesting development was that Series Guide was still finding links when the Terrarium was failing dismally.

I’ve carried this through to CF and found that it worked there beautifully also, especially during the early days when it was still getting developed…well, it still is, development never stops… but the last version is starting to settle into its task beautifully and bring up some excellent 1080 and 4K links.

However, there are still some shows (older shows for instance) where it’s difficult to find links. Of course, Series Guide is proving its value as an alternative means to garner these links. (I’m not a coder and I haven’t got a clue about this magic).

Anyway, I talk about Series Guide quite frequently, to our members, as an alternative option for tracking their shows because of its ability to find links …but also, because I find it a cleaner, easier to use app than Trakt. I’m also in the middle of writing a CyberFlix newbies guide which is going to include a 'Series Guide How To’ section, and also links to your FaceBook page etc. I have so much to learn first and yes, I do own the paid version. I purchased that months ago…around the time Terrarium was sinking and CF was on the horizon.

Currently, the main CF group is secret (long story) but we hope to be back to a closed status soon. If you do wish to join the group, please let me know so I can organise it.

many thanks for an amazing app and super fast advice

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