Problem searching tmdb

I tried to search for a serie which is present on tmdb , but i can’t find it. I tried to share the link of the serie with series guide but it didn’t work. Can anyone help me please? Thank you

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What’s the series name?

Love duo it’s a lebanese serie, I added it yesterday on the tmdb

I think you just need to be a bit patient. It takes a while for tmdb to sync with trakt, and for seriesguide to be able to combine tmdb and trakt data. I think it will work in a couple of days.

Deal, thank you so much

Welcome! Are you on the beta program? Only the beta version is using TMDB for data currently. The “regular” release is still using TheTVDB.

It is available in beta version seriesguide :
The famous singer Dalia (Maggie Bou Ghosn) marries a wealthy businessman (Wajih Saqr), but her life is filled with many problems and marital disputes, so she tries to save her life without success. And if the poor young man Samer (Carlos Azar) enters her life out of coincidence, as Dalia tries to help him at the beginning of the road … So who of them will help the other in his life?

Yes, thank you so much

This problem is happening to me also with Hell’s Kitchen Italia. The series is present both on TVDB and TMDB but it doesn’t appear on Seriesguide. How so?

I am also unable to add new shows. Even ultra popular ones like Hawkeye.

On the search screen, it just says “Could not talk to TMDB. Try again later.”

How to fix this?


Maybe the Adult - Label ist the problem?


The show will be found.

Still unable to add new shows. See screenshot below. Just days “Could not talk to TMDB. Try again later.”

And now it looks like it’s not pulling any show data anymore. All show descriptions say “There is no description translated to English available at TMDB.”

@readonly Thanks! Yes, due to Play Store policy SeriesGuide won’t display shows that have the adult label.

@Antonio_Gioiello But you can find the show on and share the website to SeriesGuide, then you can still add it.

@Arman_Verma What device and version of Android is this on? Are you using a VPN? Maybe try a different connection?