Problems with skipping and rewatching

Since the beta update, I’m seeing a couple problems - for one, a show I’m rewatching (but have watched in its entirety before) still does not show up in my Unwatched section (perhaps I’m mistaken, but shouldn’t it be identifying the next ep to watch via the watch count?)

The worse problem is there are a couple shows (in my case, ‘I am Jazz’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’) that are not properly filing skips. I’d skipped everything I missed up to when I tuned in, and since the update, much of that isn’t being respected, so these shows clutter up my Unwatched section even though I’m up to date on them. I’ve tried skipping the episodes again, but it doesn’t stick. Strangely, the ‘seasons’ view correctly shows them as skipped, but when I access the ep from the Shows tab, it doesn’t match:

Any ideas? I don’t really want to hide them because new eps will be airing eventually.

Thanks Uwe!

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Thanks! Also reported at 61-beta1 improves re-watch support - #2 by robant85