Re adjust # of Episodes

in case if i have incorrect # of Episodes after adding any Series from trackt.

How i can readjust it?

Hi! Can you explain what you mean by incorrect number of episodes?

In any case see Help | SeriesGuide for some common issues and solutions.

thanks for your reply,
for some series, specially the local in my region, i can find # of episodes is only 1 or different # than the actual series episodes

In these cases there is probably a mismatch between data on Trakt and data on TMDB, which SeriesGuide uses to get data from. If you can post which shows are affected, I can have a look.

this is a sample

On Trakt that show also only has a single season and a single episode, so that looks OK.

the actual is 30 episodes,

Ah, I get it. In this case you can help with adding the missing episodes.