Recent tab now shows all missed shows

Not sure how new this change is, but on my recent tab it now shows all missed shows from all the shows I follow no matter how far back and I’m pretty sure I used to be able to limit it to a couple of weeks or a month or some such so that I don’t have a perpetual scroll going on. There are plenty of shows I won’t be able to get all of the more historical episodes for and going back and skipping every single episode will take hours. Is there something I missed with the recent update or has that functionality been disabled?

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I have the same problem and waiting for a fix.

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Same problem here, unwatched episodes of show im watching which aired 12 years ago are showing in “Recent tab”. If its not a bug we definitelly need some option to only show episodes aired in last month or so.

Thanks for your feedback.

With the latest release the calendar tabs are now actually a calendar in that they show all of time. Previously the number of episodes shown was limited due to performance constraints.

So I guess the question is can we institute some way of limiting what shows we see in recent or are we stuck seeing everything whether we want to or not? Like I said, I am seeing some shows where I know I will never be able to find or see some of them by virtue of their age or lack of availability so I will either need to spend a long time skipping them or just be stuck seeing them which is frustrating…

Decided to bring back the “Infinite calendar” option. It will default to ‘on’ for new and existing users. Will be available with the next beta. If there are no issues I may back port it to the current stable release for all users.

Thanks again for all of your feedback!

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