Red X for "Sync & Update - TheTVDB"

I just got SeriesGuide v52 (Database v47). I got logged-in to Trakt OK, but there’s a red X for “Sync & Update - TheTVDB.” How to I remedy that?

It’s likely a show just failed to update. In most cases this is a temporary server error at and should resolve itself over the next few days.

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Thanks for the reply. Now four days later, I tried disconnecting Trakt and re-logging in, but it still comes up with the red x for Sync & Update - TheTVDB. I know that TheTVDB had a troublesome update recently, but I thought that this version of SeriesGuide addresses the new API.


I have exactly the same problem. And it has been like that for over 6 months or not more.
Is there anything you can do do make it work or can someone explain why it’s not working

@Kim_Johansson It’s possible that one of the shows in your library fails to update, e.g. because it was removed from (maybe it was a duplicate). If you continue to see new episodes for other shows getting added I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Syncing should continue despite the warning.

Ok I understand, thank you for your reply.

For a little more help, SeriesGuide 53, rolling out now, will display the or ID of the first show or movie that failed to update (see the Trakt or Cloud settings screen, there is no dedicated sync status screen for now). It will also explicitly say if this was because a show no longer exists.



Thanks a really good change so thank you for that.

So since I been having this problem for a long time and we discussed it, here is what I get:

The only problem I have now is what to find out what show hade that ID. Trust me I look everywere but I can’t find a way to find out.

So please if someone knows what show it is or how I can get that.

TheTvdb site i tried all.

So I’m stuck with my red cross.

A potential solution: create a backup of your shows.

Then search the JSON for the tvdbId. You can also email it to me, so I can do it.