Refresh in list scrolls to top

When I am in a list and go into a series for a while, then when going back to the list, the screen refreshes (it “blinks”) and the list is at the top. This happens for me every day multiple times - since the SeriesGuide update for TMDB. Before the update the lists behave better.

Could you fix this behaviour? Thanks :slight_smile:

Not here. Have you maybe developer options, like Don’t Keep Activities enabled?

Debug mode is off.
“Fehler an Entwickler melden” is on.
I don’t see any developer options.

Oh, you mean the Android developer options? They were enabled, but with default settings. I disabled it now. The refresh problem still exists. To clarify: not every time, but from time to time. I made a screen recording. It’s not possible to add it here, so I will mail it.