[Resolved] Lost all episodes after 100th

So today after clicking on “South Park” I discovered that all of the episodes have disappeared since s07e03. I checked on different shows and it seems like shows with small episode count stayed the same while shows with a lot of episodes (I checked on CSI, Twilight Zone, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Seinfeld and Phineas and Ferb) lost episodes after roughly 100. I added a screenshot just in case.


I have the same issue. I thought they went missing from TVDB, but all good there.


Same here, lots of shows lost whole seasons or sometimes an episode here and there.
Hope it’ll be back without too much trouble.

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Same here, several TV series have lost a lot of episodes

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Thank you all for reporting. It appears TheTVDB.com has rolled out version 3.0.0 of their API without notice. Apparently this is causing problems. We can only hope they sort things out quickly.

Monitor their forums for info. https://forums.thetvdb.com/


Turn off Sync & Update in Settings until this is resolved.

Restoring watched/collected episodes

  • If you are connected to Cloud or trakt your watched episodes should get restored once all episodes are returned correctly. If not, try to sign out, then sign back in to trigger a full sync.
  • If not and you have auto backup enabled, you can try to restore the last auto backup.
  • If you regularly make backups yourself, you can try to restore the latest.

I been having the same issue with a lot of episodes and seasons disappearing.

Hi there. It’s been awhile since I wrote you bc everything with my Trakt.tv account is working but now I’m seeing the same problem with missing episodes/seasons with multiple shows I have on my list.
So basically once TheTVDB.com fixes the problem my Trakt.tv account will update my shows. Is that correct?
Hope all is well

I got the same problem with How I meet your mother, Arrow, Castle and others, seasons and caps…

Based on some quick tests the issue appears to have been resolved by the folks at TheTVDB.com, so you can turn Sync & Update back on in Settings.

See the above post on how to restore watched/collected episodes if you are not connected to Cloud or trakt.

All back to normal. That wasn’t long!

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I still got the same problem for one day and it not solve to me

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It’s kinda going back to normal, but it shows me that I didn’t watch previous episodes in several series

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The seasons are back, but they lost the tracking of “watched” or not, as well as any ratings given. Can that be fixed?


Problem continues unresolved

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Check my above post on how to restore watched/collected episodes from a backup.

As you talk about ratings I assume you are connected to Trakt? Then watched state and ratings should re-appear with the next sync, assuming they were not lost at Trakt (not sure how they were impacted by the temporarily missing episodes at TheTVDB.com).

As always you can try to disconnect and connect to Trakt (or Cloud) to trigger a data merge.

I still have problems.
Missing a lot of series seasons.
I have tried all of the tips in here.
Any news about when this will be resolved?

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There seems to be an issue with tvdb. I don’t think it’s syncing for anyone.