Rewatch working inconsistently

I rewatched one show and it reappeared in my Shows list, just as if I was watching it for the first time, which is a great feature. But then I started rewatching another show, and it has not appeared in the Shows list. The only difference between the two, as far as I can tell, is that the one that worked, I had only watched once previously, whilst the one that didn’t work, I had watched twice previously. Does the rewatch feature not work if a show had more than one previous watch already logged?

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It should (quickly tested it). Maybe the other show is not shown due to your show list filter settings (see filter symbol in the top right)?

The filter seems to be set appropriately. However when I checked all the episodes, I found that I must have abandoned one of my previous watches, with a number of episodes in the final series (well past the point I have reached in my current rewatch) having only one previous watch rather than two. Would this prevent the rewatch feature from working?

No. Any newer episode that has less plays is selected as the next one.

OK, checklist: Filter set to show Unwatched Favourites, and to hide Hidden. The show is set as a Favourite, and is not Hidden. All episodes up to the one I most recently watched have 3 watches. All subsequent episodes have 2 or 1 watch. If I turn off “Unwatched” in the filter, the show appears in the list as “Ended”, with no next episode shown. The show is Seinfeld, if it makes any difference (I can’t see why it should). The only other thing I can think of that might be relevant is that all the special episodes with a date are Skipped. Is this likely to make a difference?

With these filter settings it’s correct it doesn’t show up if it doesn’t have a next episode. So the issue is that the next episode is not selected correctly? Is it possible that you skipped a special released after all yet to re-watch episodes during re-watching? Then it should fix itself when re-watching the next episode.

All the specials with dates are skipped, including some that aired after all the regular episodes. I didn’t watch these specials previously, and don’t want to watch them now, hence why they are skipped. Is the only way, then, to get the rewatch feature to work, to un-skip the specials and re-skip them as and when they show up as the next episode in the Shows list?

It seems there’s a difference between marking an episode as watched in SeriesGuide, and marking it watched in Trakt. As the show has not appeared in my SeriesGuide Shows list since I started rewatching it, I’ve instead been marking my rewatched episodes directly in Trakt. Today I tried manually finding the next episode in SeriesGuide and adding a watch, and the following episode immediately appeared in the Shows list. Subsequently, marking further episodes either in SeriesGuide or in Trakt is correctly advancing the next episode in SeriesGuide’s Shows list.

I didn’t realise it was necessary to mark an episode as watched directly in SeriesGuide to trigger the rewatch feature - I thought a sync of the rewatches from Trakt would do it - but now that I have done this, the feature seems to be working as expected.

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