Series picture / Serien-Bild (Bug?)

Wenn man bei der Sprache der Serie sie auf deutsch stellt, erscheint in der Übersicht immer das alte Titelbild der vergangenen (meist 1. Staffel) Staffel und bei der Sprache English sind die neuen Bilder. Bug?


EN: If you set the language of the series to German, the old cover image of the previous (mostly 1st season) season always appears in the overview, and if you set the language to English, the new images appear. Bug?

Beispiel/Example: Lucifer, Blacklist, Haus des Geldes, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow

Season picture for Lucifer is marked English, no German available. Guess that’s why the general show picture is used, although there 's also no German Version.

Also uses this poster on the website if set to de-DE: Lucifer (TV Series 2016- ) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

My understanding was that TMDb would return the “Primary” poster (first one marked primary at Lucifer (TV Series 2016- ) - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDb)). But apparently not? This is something to ask on TMDb forums.

Thanks. and also that at lucifer there are two season 6 and the source is still FOX although it is now Netflix? Is that also a mistake from TMDB?

If there are multiple networks, SeriesGuide will pick the first one returned by TMDb.

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