Show Page Not Updating

Hey there,
My shows page doesn’t seem to have been updating for quite a while now, but when I click into the individual shows that are fully updated

Eg. 911 Lonestar on the shows tab says my next episode is 1x03, but when I click the show, it correctly says my next episode to watch is 2x01. (You can see this from the images below, second image in reply below as I’m a new user on here)

This has been like this for a while, I have cleared cache, disconnected and reconnected to trakt etc and nothing changed this. I have also not watched these shows before, so it isn’t reading information twice etc.

Version 65.0.5 d/base v50

Thanks in advance for your help

Second image for above post

I second this. I have the same issue. I use two phones, the one where i marked watch is correct. the 2nd one is not.

i use sync.

Is it possible you have marked earlier episodes as watched multiple times? In that case SeriesGuide assumes you are re-watching a season.